Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mapping The Power of We

Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder
Mapping Therapy Site for Frank et al

The ages on the tabs are the current ages of us. Some decide not to grow up, some of decided to stop at one point and others continue to grow. We are normal.

April 4, 2012 - we have updates to be made...wish we could carve out some time to work on them. More relocating in the near future.

February 27, 2012 - just added a new tab so we could write a couple sentence notes about stuff once an awhile. Apparently I am the only one who likes to come to this website, the rest seem to ignore it. The notes, or updates tab, is so that the mapping info below can stay front and center. It's important information to this website/blog.

February 3, 2012 - we are not doing well with the writing credits or the mapping therapy. (~Ivy)

May 27, 2011
- We are currently working on establishing the writing credits from our main blog for each of us. (~Frank)

We also use a Pinterest board for images/pictures

DID/MPD Mapping

Mapping is a technique used to learn about an individual's internal personality system. The client is asked to draw a map or diagram of his or her personality states. As therapy progresses, the client is asked to update the map. Also known as personality mapping or system mapping.[source:]

Information on mapping in Dissicoiative Identity Disorder: (Written November 4th, 2010 / by Holly Gray)
This is our attempt to do what Marisa, a DID/MPD recoverer, did with her doctors, to help her separate and eliminate The Crew (her Alters). 'We Are Just Call Me Frank' is a work-in-progress and is the mapping of our system (personalities) and also contains information on DID/MPD, including terminology and symptoms.

We don't plan to eliminate anyone anymore, we just want to find them all and sort them out.

The Power of We

Our body is a shell. We have killed our core (The Other Girl), and an alter (Frank) took over as host.
We don’t know who started where yet. We have no memories before the age of 8. We have scattered memories until we were 13; pictures and stories are the only things we have to pretend we actually remember most of what we think we remember.
“It’s like it was someone else’s life”.
Indeed it was.
We want it to be our life now.
For more about this please read: Frank Gets Candid (a link to our main blog)
Marisa (a DID/MPD "survivor") says there are likely more, she had doctors help her but we are afraid of doctors, that they might try to convince us to be one; or worse, give us medication. We don't trust that we can be One...we've never been One. We continue to listen to the others of We for information.each other for guidance.


Our Core: (deceased/eliminated)
Commonly referred to as: The Other Girl
She had a name in real life, but since we have to maintain that name, she will forever be referred to as “The Other Girl”. She was obsessive compulsive and controlling, and was a germaphobia. She used to make sure things we're clean and tidy all the time, we miss that part, if she saw this place the state of our living quarters these days...she'd freak out - even though it's not really that messy (we are familiar with her standards); she nitpicked. She was very earth conscious and saw value in things like recycling. She was really good at general organization. She used to be the host. She loved Crown Royal and pop music. She used heavy drugs occasionally, must mostly lots of weed and alcohol to suppress us toward the end, making her better at controlling Us than Frank. She used to be the author of our other blog, she no longer exists. Initially We though she was 31 when she was departed from us, we are no longer sure of her age, or her status as our core.