Catherine (14)

Age: 14
Sex: F
Sexual Preference: Both
Favourite Colour: Dark Red and Black
Religious View: Agnostic
Music Preference: Classical and relaxing music.

Feels threatened by people and their actions, and is obsessive, paranoid and anxious. She doesn't want people to know about us, but is getting used to the idea. Her paranoia is annoying. Hates driving, it makes her dizzy and she sees things jump out at her that are not there. She enjoys classical music. The weekend of The Other Girls demise she made us close the blinds, she was also paranoid about all the cars in the parking lot the entire weekend, and paranoid about a cop car that was parked outside the building - they remained closed until the day we moved. She was the reason we didn't leave the house for nearly four days straight after that weekend. She does not like going out in public. She doesn't like to eat when she is stressed, though her favorite is Dr. Oetkers pizzas...she would eat then everyday.

She has a twin named Cassandra.

Last updated: April 8,2012

Notes by Catherine:
Look, I usually end up being right about things, so it's not like my paranoia isn't useful. I'm sorry it bothers everyone. And I am getting used to people knowing about us, and no, despite being aware that a few of us want to show a lot of people our face, I am still not comfortable with it. And neither is James (he;s our boyfriend). So until I am comfortable with it the answer is no.