Sam (16)

He likes to be called "stabby" and thinks it's funny when he gets angry. It really upsets Bethany, especially when she can't hide from him – sometimes his anger feels uncontrollable and seething, almost blinding; it causes panic and tears among anyone from the system that is around, except for Melody and Unnamed One. In December he started getting stronger and lashed out at a friend over the phone. We had to apologize later. People, The Other Girls' friends, were present for this. They were not aware of what was going on. 

He loves scotch and gin (even though he is not old enough to drink).  Does not cook, hates cats, and most people; likes angry music. Sometimes paints with Ivy but when he leaves her to finish the job, she ends up not liking what she sees. Helped write When Anxiety Attacks, and most anxiety related posts. 

He is 16 years old, likes girls, likes when we fight with boys as part of foreplay, he likes girls who are smart and pretty and usually leaves the premises when we get busy with "boys".

Sam hasn't told us why he's with us really. We're not sure if they are all supposed to have reasons for being here or not.

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Sam Gets Angry About Ignorance 
When Anxiety Attacks
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Bwahaha! Whatever. It's funny. So, when do I get to make sure people know that my name should not be associated with the son of Sam. That's just a stupid coincidence, plus I'm a person, not a fucking voice that's going to tell Frank to hurt anyone. You think I'm stupid? I don't want to end up in jail...that's just fucking dumb..

Whatever. I'm not always in a bad mood you know.