Mapping Comments

Some of them are so fucking stubborn...we know they are there...we hear them...and we know there are others that we don't hear yet, some of us remember others...but we can't force them; we also cannot do mapping work everyday, it hurts.

We're exhausted...

We've been taking a break, but we feel like we're almost ready to work at it again. *fingers crossed*
3.8.12 There's an eleventh...we're scared to tell James...she's more grown up (than me [Catherine]), so he might like her...more than me...she's around a lot lately. She's more of a poet than Ivy...guess we'll have to try to talk to her more. It's strange being by ourselves again, while James is at work, but it gives some of the more scared ones of us a chance to communicate with each other.
Emmie has been mostly in hiding since moving in with The Mother and then being here in the UK...(she has a hatred for Mother) and Frank doesn't come around much, just enough to give instructions. Everyone else is around a bit here and there, scratching on the walls of our brain, not wanting to be out, just be irritating enough...the most powerful ones who have been out are Cassandra, Ivy and I...we miss the others being more there/out-ish, and wish they'd stop hiding and picking, because we feel like we're burning out. Some days are starting to grow all swirly...