Bethany (6)

I love bubbles!!!
Skipping in public and playing with the toys in the toy department of Toys R’ Us or WalMart, that’s just the tip of her fantasy play-land. Some people have enjoyed her, and some people in our life have thought she was stupid, and have not understood her playfulness. She likes to colour and write, and has co-wrote all the entries having to do with times where Frank was not around. Sometimes she gets her own entries. She shares co-consciousness with Frank most of the time. She has been around the longest as has most of our memories. Loves oldies music. She likes cuddling and misses her blanky, which we took from her when we were 25. She is 6 years old but can't remember anything before The Other Girl was 8. She is very grown up for a six year old. She said I had to write that.

Bethany is Franks favourite. She and Ivy became part of The System around the same time, but Ivy grew up and Bethany didn't want to grow up, so she didn't (she's a bit stubborn sometimes). Bethany stayed by The Other Girl's side through everything. She was the watcher (the tattle-tale) who let Frank know when The Other Girl, or any of the others needed help, usually it was only The Other Girl that needed Franks. The Other Girl didn't always need Frank, but she needed the others...

Look at the pretty colors! *giggle* he's throwing up a rainbow!

When I'm having a bad day, like I did today, when we all felt like we were suffocating, this is how I felt. But that's not a  picture of me, just one I found on the internet.
This is me!
I like building forts, I don't get to do it anymore because nobody wants to clean up the mess...and I don't either. Maybe one day Frank will let me turn the dining room table into a fort and we can sleep in it, just once!
And it sparkles!
It makes me giggle! Want to rub it's head for luck!

Love love chalk!!