Emmie (31)

Funny as it may be, someone special unknowingly named her. He used her name more than once in conversation in referring to Frank, trying to be a funny ass, and we could feel her ears perk up, and she said "oh, why couldn't we have been named that!" -

So, in an effort to appease her, we let her pick/have her name. Emmie has some disturbing sexual interests. However, due to the nature of the sex she is interested in, she tends not to be promiscuous. She likes fishnets, and is very confident, and opinionated. She likes a good time in bed and will get bored with partners if they are not creative enough. She used to help The Other Girl write a lot between September and December; she also writes erotica. She loves the smell of leather. 

Emmie enjoys gin and white wine, and hates vodka, but will drink whatever is put in front of her. Is very body conscious to the point of obsession. She also has a penchant for muscle relaxers. She has a dirty sense of humour and a vulgar mouth. She was one that came along very early in The Other Girls life and decided to grow along with her, she read smutty adult novels with graphic sex in them when she was about 10 years old, she likes girls and boys.

She loves music that makes he feel sexy, she likes all types of art.

She is 31 years old. (we are still learning more about her)

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A Little Bit Of Emmie

Images that represent Emmie, how she feels, and who she is...

When I was mad at Fuck Face the other day, this is what I wanted Frank to post. I really like when he comes over to visit us. He's fun.

(this is actually me!)
I just think this is a sexy picture. So I get to put it here, because this is my damn page.

The Other Girl hated that I enjoy this kind of thing. Some of the others aren't too thrilled either. Frank's definitely not thrilled, but ...well...she can't always have her way.