Cassandra (14)

Age: 14
Sex: F
Sexual Preference: Boys
Favourite Colour: Pink and Gray
Religious View: Doesn't care.
Music Preference: Pop music 

Often a sullen girl whose emotional pain can easily be detected in her eyes. She loves food, especially junk (favourites are corn dogs and donuts). Sometimes she uses food to suppress her sadness, but then feels guilty about eating it and fixates on it. We are always trying to keep her from eating trash. It's a struggle.

She likes having sleepovers with other girls that involve food, talking about boys and watching movies. She likes fashion bobbles like earings, barrettes, silly jewelry, hats and such; she loves to shop and if left uncontrolled will buy lots of clothes that aren't always appropriate for a woman of our physical age.

Her favourite movies are 80's romantic comedies (Say Anything is her top favourite).

She enjoys crafts and writing poetry, but it is usually sad, and emotionally charged poetry.

She loves to go for walks outside and look at the world. She is Catherine's twin. They get along "okay"...

Writing Credits:We Have Nothing To Lose (Cassandra talk about the death of a mentally ill "friend")
Last updated: April 8, 2012
Notes from Cassandra:
I like this picture, it has pretty colors. I wish I could have a shirt like this but it'd be to loud for the rest of them. When Frank was away I got to buy some t-shirts at the thrift store that had nice colors, so that was cool. No jewelry though. When we went shopping the weekend before she almost let me buy some new socks that had nifty elephants on them.

Frank doesn't let me eat much, but she let's me take pictures of donuts when I go to the grocery store with her. We have a friend on Twitter who likes to send up pictures of beautiful donuts. Frank let's me put the pictures on our Tumblr account..
Something I never get to be. No, not a fish dummy.

Things I like:

Fairy...she's pink. I like both those things. I'm not too old to like  fairys.
The way Strawberry Shortcake was meant to look favorite.