Ivy (18)

Age: 18
Sex: F
Sexual Preference: Boys (but likes to kiss girls)
Favourite Colour: All colour.
Religious View: Respect all views and religions.
Music Preference: 60-80's pop and indie rock.

Ivy is creative, loves to paint and enjoys all things creative; the painter, the artist; the portal many of us use to express our creative therapy needs, the romantic. She loves all things creative and art related: film, interior design, fine art. She wishes she’d been her age in the mid 60’s; she is a free spirit. She and Bethany like to paint together a lot; however, she prefers to paint alone, even though sometimes others won’t leave her alone. She and Bethany are very good friends. She loves all music and prefers not to drink too often, though is growing a fondness for it, sadly; is she does drink she wants to be creative while she does it. She likes to walk barefoot in the grass and twirl. She loves life, animals, flowers, people, dancing and travel. 

She and Bethany became part of the system around the same time, but Ivy stopped growing up at the age of 18.

Responsible for spearheading Frank Mental Health, a mental health and creative therapy blog for people to share stories of mental health.

Also maintains a site for our system at Graphically Frank.

Last updated: May 17, 2012
Notes from Ivy:

I don't have any pictures of me to share...only things that represent me...