Melody (12)


Melody appeared aroudn the time that the boy we first liked committed suicide in middle school. She's been with us every since. She decided not to grow up because she didn't see the point. She likes being 12, and she figured by growing up she's just learn to like things and care for things and why bother with that? She also wanted to avoid that whole puberty thing because that's when things called emotions really set in, even though The Other Girl had already started that process in the 6th grade.

Melody blocks of emotions, feelings and memories. She helps us get over things very quickly. Whether it is the loss of a family member, a friend, a lover; experiencing disappointment with something or being hurt by someone. She cuts off our emotions when we all agree, sometimes she blocks our recent memories for us so we don't think about the hurt caused by people and loss, sometimes she convinces Frank to literally move us away. She write
 A Mistress Without Cutlery, and many entries that have to do with sad events from our life. She used to like to smoke pot, instead of drink; it helped her suppress everyones memories. She is also delusional and tries to provide us with more confidence than we generally think we need; maybe that’s her way. Loves pretty clothes to the point of effecting our credit card bill. Hates music, has a darker sense of humour like Catherine. Has no patience for things she think are silly and has very few interests overall. Some of the others think this she is a sociopath, but that's just their view, probably because she does the things that they are all to weak to do, and so they don't really get her. At least that's what she tells us in her deadpan, emotionless voice: "They just don't get me". She'd love to dye her hair black, but we went through that fiasco once and it took way too long to grow up - we ended up looking terrible.

She tends to not very social, even with us - she doesn't want to form any connections with people. She'd rather sit alone and think by herself, and read. She loves to read book about morbid subjects. Her favourite colours are black and white.

Sadly she is not doing a good job with our recent upset (named Fuck Face), she can't get the others to stop having feelings for him. This word she doesn't understand: love.

She remains 12 years old.